Following a finding and recommendation from an external security review of the EESOH-MIS program, the client-facing website managed by the Help Desk contractor to provide information and guidance on the system - - is scheduled for decommission in the first week of January. Moving forward, the support site will be the EESOH-MIS milBook space: Additionally, other training materials developed and provided by the AFCEC/CZTQ team will continue to be available on Air Force’s eDASH.




As part of the .com sundown, the program is moving away from the legacy change request and bug reporting tool (“PELT”); the new method for reporting bugs or submitting ideas for improvement based on new or existing needs (related to Hazmat, Hazwaste, Environmental Reporting, and Ranges modules) is to contact the EESOH-MIS Help Desk directly at 844-775-2535 or